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MY NVIDIA Jetson NANO experience

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

A horse with a woman

Hello, I’m currently an intern in R&D at NOVO SENSO. This summer I discovered the world of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Vision. The goal is to put our smart camera in horse stables to watch and detect their movements and behavioural change. The first cause of death for horses is colic. This is easy to handle if detected within 6 hours but deadly if unchecked. We want to warn the user about any problems their horse

might have.


NOVO SENSO is glad to present you with its first prototype of intelligent surveillance dedicated to horses. We combined our expertise in the AI domain and the care we have for animal welfare to produce this innovative product. I used the Jetson Nano with an Infra-Red camera to record day and night video of horses as the first phase of development. The support is 3D printed for quick testing in a real life stable environment.

a camera

Hence we completed the first step, to have a running hardware. We can now focus on the real job. We are currently working the harvest phase with our partners to provide the best data to our algorithms. This is a crucial step of AI, we need to obtain clear video labeled with what the horse is doing. This process is fastidious but need to be extremely precise to have a working model. The goal is to create a Machine Learning tool able to classify objects in the current image, like horses, humans and other ….

a dog, a person and a horse

Computing with the Jetson Nano is straightforward and really well documented. The first step is classification, in this case the recognition of a horse, This is a good exercise solved with a lot of existing materials. For example some pre-trained models are developed to detect humans. Then we adapt the model to the horse by feeding the algorithm with our harvested data.

The next step will be to make a study to detect and predict horses behavioural change … this will certainly be another great experience !

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