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NOVO SENSO revolutionizes the world of animal monitoring solutions

mission statement

At NOVO SENSO, we use the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide animal welfare and we put the man and the environment at the center of our innovations.


Hence we offer our client a way to optimise their activities, to enhance their performance and to evolve toward more respectful practices.

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let's carry our commitments high



Use artificial intelligence to increase performance



Place animal care and welfare at the center to be used as performance leverage


Facilitate the daily life of those whose professions are related to animals

More RESPonsible

Bring professions related to animals towards optimized and more respectful practices.

What guides us

we are convinced that technology is a powerful tool for optimizing the activities of professions related to animals

We know how complex and delicate working with animals (breeding, laboratory, competition) can be. This requires constant observation and when animal life meets notions of performance and profitability, any action must be optimized.

All our solutions offer

  • 24/7 observation of animal behaviour

  • A simple dashboard for efficient decision making

  • Simple to install, use and maintain

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our core competencies

Technology and innovation are in our DNA. This is what drives us, the heart of our business, its engine. IA, Data, IoT, UX yes, but at the service of animals and the people who take care of them!

# 1 Cloud and embedded artificial intelligence model

#2 multiple yet relevant data collection per activity/usage

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# 3 technology applied to concret field issues or needs

#4 user experience always at the center of our development

NOVO SENSO is made from connections!

Connections of data, skills, human experiences for meaningful innovations.

NOVO SENSO is above all the meeting between two entrepreneurs at heart: Victoria and Julien.

For years, they have developed ambitious projects, at the cutting edge of technology, in various universes. Putting this knowledge at the service of field trades, linked to animals, gives a deep meaning to their profession.

But it is above all thanks to Stéphane and Mélanie, organic cattle and goat breeders that allows them to make their project a reality.

NOVO SENSO is created, and the COW SENSO project launched.

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