The power of artificial intelligence dedicated to animals and animal care takers

Their potential, our intelligence

Make your daily work easier and enhance naturally your productivity

COW SENSO is smart monitoring solution to detect cow and cattle behavior changes in order to help farmers to naturally optimise their activities respecting the animals.

A simple offer:

  • An all-inclusive subscription /month/cow

  • no engagement

  • no installation fee

Obvious advantages

  • Productivity increase

  • Medical costs reduction

  • Reproduction cycle optimised

  • Time saving

Smart vision by novo senso

24/7 observation for precise behavioral change detection

We are developing a smart camera for 24/7 animal surveillance, to analyse change behavior and notify care takers when necessary.

  • Make the daily work of care takers for efficient

  • Predict and avoid aggravated health issues

  • Evaluation of animal wellbeing

Latest news

Brilliant partnerships!

NOVO SENSO as been granted access to AWS and Nvidia start-up programs.

Big thanks to them both for supporting us in our development and to share our ambitions. 

Image de Joshua Sortino

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