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At NOVO SENSO, we use the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide animal welfare and we put the man and the environment at the center of our innovations.


Hence we offer our client a way to optimise their activities, to enhance their performance and to evolve toward more respectful practices.

Smart cam for horses by novostable

A smart camera empowered by AI, dedicated to stables and individual box that analyzes the horse behaviour and notifies in case of unusual events.

  • Health events: when symptomes are detected such as colics

  • Welfare evaluation

relax, our smart cam is watching over


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Naturally optimize the production and quality of your milk. 

COW SENSO is a smart monitoring solution to detect cow and cattle behavioural changes in order to help farmers to naturally optimise their activities, while respecting the animals.

  • 24/7 monitoring of the animal's nutrition and activity

  • Detection and prediction of reproductive cycleshealth status 

  • Welfare evaluation 


Brilliant partnerships!

NOVO SENSO as been granted access to AWS and Nvidia start-up programs.

Big thanks to them both for supporting us in our development and to share our ambitions. 

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